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Perfect Data or it's free.

(Non-Scanned Only)

Real-time Processing

Documents processed on receipt

Batch Processing Available


Full end to end public key cryptography. Data Encryption at rest.


Email Attachment, Web-Portal, FTP and Link Extraction.


Address to Site Matching. Data Validation and Rejection.

Your Data - Your Format

Data delivered to your requirements.

About B2B

Business2.Business was founded in 2017 in response to a customer's requirement to extract data from their Excel-based payment request forms and return it as an XML document capable of being imported into their invoice processing software.

Since then we've developed solutions capable of extracting data from PDF invoices and purchase orders, CSV, EDI and XML files.

We are a 100% Australian owned and operated business with customers in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, England, Canada and the USA.

We faciliated the piloting of what is now known as the the AUS-NZ PEPPOL network, acting as 'corner 3' of the four-corner model.

In 2022 we embarked on an ambitious project to capture invoice data from some 800+ vendors for some 700+ stores managed by an in-house shared-services team. This project was a huge success and provided capabilities such as matching address blocks to specific business units, invoice lines to cost centres and validating document content against custom criteria. Attachments to 'parent' invoices were able to be joined into a single document to facilitate archiving and analytics. The impact of this project has been a drastic reduction in late payments, less overtime needed, and more time for value-added analysis of the rich data.

perspective team

Extract Transport Load


Full P2P Extraction

Invoices, Purchase Orders, Delivery Dockets, Payment Requests etc.


Direct extraction from 'Readable' PDFs

Enterprise OCR through AWS

Image generation from raw data.


Consolidated invoices, and form extraction

Our First Project. Going strong since 2017

EDIFACT & Fixed-width text

Kicking it old-school.

Extraction and/or generation of the grandaddies of e-commerce formats.


Email Attachments - detatch and classify.

Web-Portal log-in, navigation and validation.

Web-Link Extraction from Emails.

(S)FTP Push/Pull


FTP(S), HTPP(S), AS2, AS4, Email

We do it all. Securely.

Original image + extracted data.

Transformed data + generated image.

Basware and PEPPOL networked.


Flexible and Customer Focussed


Ready to Go

25+ years of technical and project management experience.

We understand that the first step can often be the most difficult. Getting a project off the ground can involve numerous risk assessments, cost-benefit checks and technical revisons; not to mention business analysis and data validation.

Most of our services are simply 'plug and play'. Simply redirect your emails to us, and we do all the rest. We are an 'inter-operator' in the Basware Commerce Network and can also plug into the global "PEPPOL" network.

We'll work with your customers and vendors to find the optimal solution for both content and delivery.

To kick things off we recommend you have a Business Analyst, Procure/Pay Manager and a Technical boffin who can talk the zeroes and ones of integration.

Production Phase

Continuous Process Improvement.

Documents are processed on receipt and immediately forwarded to their destination following the transformation process.

Variations are addressed in-situ based on agreed parameters.

Exception management is largely automated so that your team remain fully informed of any issues.


Secret Sauce

If you do it more then once, automate it.

Our technical philosphy is eliminate as many manual and repetitious processes as possible.

Our business strategy is to drive growth through exceptional customer service and data quality.

Our secret sauce? Per-vendor template based extraction. A well-defined template will deliver 100% data accuracy each and every time. Interperative methods such as OCR and AI have a built-in error rate and are not consistent with our 'Perfect or Free' guarantee. Obviously some templates will need a tweak from time to time, but this is the proven, reliable and consitent methodology that keeps our customers coming back for more.

  • 1
    Identify the pain points

    What processes, vendors or customers are giving you the biggest problems?

  • 2
    Gather Samples

    Non-scanned originals are always best. If we're dealing with emails, set them aside for our review. Similarly PDFs.

  • 3

    Multiple QR codes are provided in different sizes for each Site you enter. From small thumbnails through to images scalable to bill-board sizes. A sign-in sheet is also provided, containing the QR code for the Site so that anyone without a phone can go 'old-school' and still sign-in.


What our Customers Say:


About our Services

How do we deliver the documents to you?

For documents arriving by email, you can either forward them on, or advise your vendors to send directly to us. We can also retreive documents from vendor portals on your behalf.

How do you bill?

We invoice in arrears at the end of each month based on the services provided. A summary of each transaction type and its quantity is provided, and a detailed breakdown of each individual expense is also available.

What document types can you process?

We can extract from PDFs, Excel, CSV, XML, JSON and many other formats.

What document types can you deliver?

We can provide data extracts in any format you require so that you can import directly into your payment system. We can also provide a PDF image of the data if the source wasn't originally a PDF (e.g. CSV).

What data can you capture"

From data files such as Excel, CSV, XML, JSON etc, we can extract any field or attribute you require. From PDFs we can capture any data so long as it is in a consistent format or location and is 'readable' (not an image).

We can provide OCR services, however verification of the captured data will need to be performed by you.

What value-adding services can you offer?

We can capture non-standard fields such as BSB and Account numbers, BPAY details, Reference Person. We can perform address based matching to business units (sites), validate row-sum = header sum, reject back to vendor based on one or more business rules, match line data to GL account information. If you have a specific business requirement, please feel free to ask.