Format Transformations

Legacy to Contemporary

Common file formats such as 'CSV' and MS Excel spreadsheets can be converted into modern document types such as xml


Tired of 'scraping off' the data from your suppliers' PDF invoices? Chances are that they are converting perfectly structered Accounts Receivable data into an image document that your company needs to then convert back into structured data for your Accounts Payable system. OCR solutions are simply a work-around, and subject to interpretation errors, missing keywords or expensive templates. Why not turn your suppliers' invoice records into both data files and PDF invoice images? View the PDF, process the data-file.


Lower the cost of doing business with you by sending your Buyers e-invoices compliant with the latest xml standards and ATO requirements.


Enrich the data with static or dynamic lookups. Add your client's ABN, terms of payment, custom reference fields, due date calculations etc.

Transformation Matrix

The following transformations are available 'out of the box':

Source Document Type Versions/Formats Output Format
Excel XLS, XLSX ('97 and higher) XML, Excel*, Text, PDF,
Text** CSV, TSV, Pipe and semi-colon delimited XML, Excel, Text*, PDF
XML Any XML, EDI, or JSON. Validations against XSDs available. XML*, Excel, Text, PDF
PDF v1.x 'Machine Readable' PDFs*** XML, Excel, Text, PDF* v1.y (y>=x)

* Transformation within document types available, including look-up insertions data validation, and remapping of data.

**Text = ‘Flat File’, a text file delimited by a special character such as commas (,) semi-colons (;), colons (:), or pipe (|). Enclosure characters (“) or (‘) i.e. double or single quotes, but can be other custom characters as well.

***'Machine Readable' PDF means that you can select and copy the fields you want to capture from the image. Most PDFs now have this capability with the exception of scanned PDFs.

PDFs can be reformatted or the version of the original PDF can be upgraded (e.g. V1.3 to V1.7)

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