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Why Change?

Networked Commerce is with us now. Sending a PDF by email instead of a physical letter was the first step on the journey, however PDFs don't provide the full level of integration from Accounts Receivable to Accounts Payable, often leading to your customers having to capture or manually enter the data you've placed in the document. This is inefficient and a costly way of doing things

Structured data files such as e-invoices will allow your customers import your invoice data in an automated manner; saving them time and money, and making you a more attractive business to deal with. You can still have your PDF, but paired with an XML document, you've now lowered the cost of doing business with you.

We know that you've already invested in the infrastructure you're using now, and adopting new systems can be time consuming and expensive. Our transformation processes will enable you to fully leverage your existing infrastructure while allowing you to join the modern networked economy.

Networked Commerce

Networked commerce provides additional levels of reliability, confidentiality and assurance. Confirmation of delivery eliminates any doubt that your document was received. Security protocols ensure that only the people who are meant to look at your information can, and a fully electronic format ensures rapid processing of your business documents, reducing payment times.

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